Questions To Ask Before Working With An Interiors Photographer


Questions To Ask Before Working With An Interiors Photographer

Whether it’s your first time getting professional photos taken of your project or you’re a seasoned pro, there are some very important questions you should ask an interiors photographer before working with them. After all, getting professional photography of a space is a significant investment, and you want to make sure it’s worth every penny.

1. Do you shoot tethered? And will I be able to review the images during the shoot?

To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s important to view each frame on a larger screen than the camera’s back display. By connecting the camera to an iPad or laptop, the photographer can not only make technical adjustments, but also confirm that you are satisfied with the composition and styling. Paying attention to small details can be the key to taking a good photo to an exceptional one.

During our session we will review every shot as we go and make as many adjustments as needed to make sure we get the perfect image. I like shooting tethered wirelessly to an iPad so it’s easier for us to walk around the room with the iPad in hand and make changes.

2. Will you visit the project before photographing it?

Scouting is crucial for all my photoshoots. I make it a priority to scout every shoot, as it is vital for me and for my clients. I believe scouting gives us a huge opportunity to ensure the success of the shoot before it even begins. Through scouting, I am able to identify the best angles, avoid shots that are unlikely to work, and plan a shooting schedule that takes advantage of the lighting throughout the day. The most important reason for scouting, however, is that it informs the styling of the final shots. It also gives you a chance to tell me the story of the project, about your clients and their lives, and any particular design challenges you faced – this is part of the story we want to tell through photographs.

During our scouting visit I will make styling suggestions if needed and we will put together a detailed shot list, so we can stay organized on the day of the shoot and make sure we don’t miss anything that is important to you.

3. How can the architect / general contractor / interior designer / other vendors involved in the project get access to the photos?

Your contract does not include the right to share the images with ANY third parties. However, they can purchase a license or, better yet, they can participate in the photo shoot with a split fee or cost-sharing arrangement.

If you are aware that third parties will be interested in purchasing the photos before the session, many photographers, including myself, offer a split fee arrangement to reduce the investment for each party. It’s important to ask about this option from the beginning, as the discount is typically only available when all parties agree to purchase before the photoshoot takes place.

4. How can I use the images you deliver?

Hiring a professional photographer does not give you unrestricted rights to use the images they deliver as you please. You are actually buying a usage fee or license to use the photo, while the photographer retains the copyright. Experienced interior photographers usually have established guidelines for the licenses they sell, so it is important to have this conversation from the start to avoid any unexpected issues in the future.

We will discuss licensing terms before you hire me and all licensing details will be specified in our contract.


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